Free to roam, easy to charge

One card, one bill and 480,400 stations including 30,200 in the UK

The Kia Charge app gives you access to most UK and European public charging networks in one, convenient solution.

From planning your trips to paying for charging, Kia Charge is the only app and card you need. Charging on the go has never been easier!

Exclusive to Kia customers - it lets you enjoy unparalleled value and convenience when charging with IONITY Power subscription.

Easy access to over 480,400 stations including the IONITY ultra-fast charging network

With Kia Charge, you can locate and use stations and access all necessary information like pricing and station availability across a vast and fast-expanding network. You can also use IONITY’s extensive UK and European network of ultra-fast charging stations at the best possible price thanks to the IONITY Power bolt-on subscription.


How long will it take to charge an electric car at a public station?

Public car charging stations vary in type, and this means that they offer different charging speeds.

AC Charging

Best used for long parking stays like overnight on-street charging.

DC Charging

Perfect for charging quickly while en-route to a destination.

AC charging time refers to Niro EV on 22kW charger
DC charging time refers to EV6 (10 - 80% capacity) on 350kW charger.

The largest consolidated network in the UK

Gain access to 27 UK networks, more than 85% of the UK’s public charging infrastructure.