XCeed Plug-In Hybrid

If seeking new challenges inspires you, if embracing new experiences excites you, if leaving everyday comfort zones drives you on, then welcome to the different beat of the new Kia XCeed. Straight away you can tell this is a crossover with a difference. Notice the standout SUV front grille, incorporating a unique Z-shaped Ice-Cube LED headlamp design with standard fog lamps. Then look closer and take in the daring lower front grille and subtle satin chrome skid plate, which add extra excitement. Add to that its bold shape and playful persona and suddenly it becomes clear – the new Kia XCeed is designed for drivers who live for the next thrill ahead.

Where others may shy away from what’s round the next corner … you say bring it on. That’s why when you drive past in the new Kia XCeed, others simply look on in admiration at your choice of crossover and how much it says about you. Maybe it’s the iconic low-angle rear design with elegant tail lights that demands respect; or maybe it’s the distinctive shape of the rear bumper that leaves such an impression; or even the dual exhaust tips and hyper-silver diffuser that set the pulse racing. Or maybe it’s simply because from behind the new Kia XCeed looks and sounds like exactly what it is … the most thrilling driving experience around.