Motability New Vehicle Payment extended to end of 2024

Earlier this year, Motability Operations increased the New Vehicle Payment from £250 to £750 to help customers with the rising cost of new vehicles.

We’re pleased to announce that they are extending this payment to the end of 2024.

Who’s eligible for the New Vehicle Payment?

Customers who are new to the Motability Scheme and order their first car before the end of 2024 will qualify for the £750 New Vehicle Payment.

They'll only get this payment once, not every time they get a new vehicle.

What about renewing customers?

If you are due to renew your vehicle and have not already received the new vehicle payment, then you'll qualify for the £750 when getting your next vehicle. Even if this is after 2024.

The best way to check if you are eligible is to use the tool on the Motability website.