Cars for Sale Oldham

Whether you are looking for a brand newcar, or a used vehicle sold at a fair price and in great condition, one namestands out for anyone looking for cars for sale in Oldham. 

At the OMC Motorgroup, we have been servingthe local community since 1907, a staggering 110 years. Anyone looking for carsfor sale in Oldham will not find another dealer with our level of experience orexpertise. 

As an approved Ford dealer, we are thelongest-serving approved dealer in the whole of the north west, while morerecently we have also become approved Kia dealers.  Both these makes fit perfectly with our ethosof providing trouble free, quality motoring. 

And we also have a wide selection of qualityused cars for sale at our Oldham dealership– everything from affordable, butreliable run arounds to the muscle of the stunning Ford Mustang. Competitivefinance can be arranged on any model too, and we will also offer a fair pricefor your old vehicle should you wish to part exchange. 

If you would like to discuss any of ourcars in stock, arrange a test drive, or just want a bit more information aboutthe OMC Motorogroup, please call us today on 0161 287 4141. 

Our range ofcars for sale in Oldham 

Just want a bit more information as youlook for cars for sale in Oldham? The following links may be of use: 

Our range of new Fords –including specs, prices and links to arrange test drives 

And ourrange of new Kias – don't forget, these all come with seven-year warranties

 After a used car? Here is whatwe have in stock in Oldham

  We also regularly have special offers, manyof these available to us thanks to our long-standing relationships with bothFord and Kia. 

As these offers are subject to change, itis best to call us on 0161 287 4141 (we also list the special offers when youclick through to any new car).

 On price we are extremely competitive foranyone searching for cars for sale in Oldham, but that is not the only way inwhich we stand out. 

We are a family dealership who have been atthe heart of the community for more than a century. In that time we have builtour reputation and business on trust and repeat business.

 Repeat customers and quality service

Most of our customers are repeat customers,people who were looking for a car in Oldham and have subsequently bought alltheir cars through us.

 These customers also come to us for theirservices and MOTs – one huge advantage of our expertise is that cars leave our forecourt in greatcondition; services thereafter then tend to be purely routine. 

To book a service, simply follow this link.

 Motability in Oldham 

AT OMC we also have a wide range ofmotability vehicles – we are also fully versed on legislation, so know exactlywhat anyone with the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability LivingAllowance or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement is entitled to.


For further details of our motabilityoffering, simply head this way.

 One name stands out for cars in Oldham

 Ultimately though, when you search for carsfor sale in Oldham, you are going to get a number of results – numerous dealerswith their own stock and special offers. 

However, as the dealer with the longestservice in the region, the dealer with a record of providing quality motoringfor the local community, we believe we stand apart. 

If nothing else, please have a look at ourrange of cars to see if anything takes your fancy. If it does, why not clickthe link to arrange a test drive?

 Here are those links again.


Our range of new Fords –including specs, prices and links to arrange test drives


And ourrange of new Kias – don't forget, these all come with seven-year warranties


Contactus today about your next new or used car

 stock in Oldham


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