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Used Cars Rochdale



Are you looking for a reliable motor dealer, are you wondering which company stands out when it comes to selling used cars in Rochdale?


At OMC Motorgroup, we believe we stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons.


Our prices are competitive, our reputation is unmatched, our experience is huge,


We are, of course, not the only company to sell used cars in Rochdale.


We are also not the only company with a good reputation; there are a number of fine businesses in the town.


However, we believe our unique status makes us at least worthy of serious consideration.


You can see our full list of used cars for sale here.


And if you want to discuss any cars, or chat about stock we are likely to have coming soon, please give us a call on 01706 654424.


A name you can trust for used cars in Rochdale


When there are so many companies selling used cars, not to mention options like eBay and Autotrader, how do you differentiate between all the dealers?


We believe track record is vital.


At OMC, we have been in business for more than a century across our Oldham and Rochdale sites and in that time have served generations of families.


To put it simply, we don't believe a car dealer could stay in business for that long without continual word of mouth recommendation – that is how we have flourished; customers recommending us to others long before the internet existed as a means of promotion.


We have been main Ford dealers for more than a century and more recently became official Kia dealers too; the thing both these great makes have in common is unrivaled reliability; something we pride ourselves on too.


And this reliability shows in our reviews and testimonials.


 On Autotrader, both our Rochdale and Oldham dealerships have near five star average ratings from customer reviews. On other sites such as, we also have an unblemished record.


Any company can buy a few cars and out them for sale on their forecourt, not many can point to a century's worth of customer service.


Used Car Sales Rochdale – What to Expect from us


What is the buying experience like if you come to OMC in Rochdale?


You can expect the level of service appropriate to how you want to browse. If you just want to have a look at a few cars in peace, then we will happily leave you to it; equally if you want any information about any of the vehicles we will of course be happy to help.


You can start the browsing online, head to our used cars section of the site and have a look through the cars in stock. If any are of interest, you can find out further details, make an enquiry or book a test drive.


We have a wide range of makes and models, but as main Ford and Kia dealers we do always have a number of these vehicles in stock – which is handy as they are among the best used cars available in Rochdale, or anywhere for that matter.


With Kia’s, you have that wonderful seven-year warranty, which passes on to the new owner – so buy a four-year-old Kia and you've still got three years of warranty covered driving ahead of you.


In truth, owners hardly ever have to use the warranty as things rarely go wrong on Kia’s – if they were unreliable cars the seven-year warranty would have out them out of business by now.


Fords, meanwhile, win award after award after award.



A recent article in the Independent listed the top 10 used cars you can buy – two of the top three were Fords.


Ford have also won numerous awards from the likes of What Car? In recent years – best car, best small family car, best fleet car and more.


Buying Used Cars in Rochdale - a Smooth Process


As well as choosing your new car, you might also have an old car you want to trade in.


At OMC we can help here too – providing a fair price for your vehicle.


If you get in touch prior to your visit with details of your car, we can give you a guide as to a likely trade in price – so you know where you stand even before you start looking for your next vehicle.


Finance can also be arranged too at competitive rates, you can make a finance enquiry on site, simply find the car you are interested in and hit the find out more link.


Ongoing Service


One thing we are hugely proud of at OMC is that after people have come to us to buy a used or new car in Rochdale, they then tend to become customers for life.


This might be buying cars regularly, or for those happy to keep the same car for many years it is simply for their services and MOTs.


For our repairs, we use approved parts, we have mechanics trained to main dealer specifications and who  work for a company that passes down knowledge built up from more than a century's trade.


It is fair to say that, with us, your vehicle is in safe hands.


Used Cars in Rochdale – think OMC


Whether it is on price, service or experience, OMC in Rochdale is a compelling choice for used cars.


If you want any more information, please have a browse round the site or get in touch for further information online or 01706 654424




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