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Choose Approved Used Ford Cars

It’s important to always purchase your used car from an approved Ford dealer. Doing so ensures you have the car’s certified history and that it meets high-quality assurance tests, which we talk about more below.

Benefits of Buying Approved Ford Used Cars

Ford is the original and perhaps most recognised automotive brand on the planet. Multi-award-winning innovators year in and year out, Ford’s appeal is unquestioned. Certainly, this is one of the most popular and prolific vehicles in the UK.

Their global reputation and market dominance bring superior quality and value that other brands can’t quite match. Buying a Ford-approved used car from OMC means you can benefit from that quality assurance and more. When you purchase a fully Ford-approved vehicle through OMC, you can expect the following benefits and advantages:

  • Quality assurance: All our vehicles undergo rigorous testing and mechanical and cosmetic inspections to ensure they meet stringent criteria.
  • Warranty: what can we say here?
  • Finance options: Our range of Ford finance options are designed to suit your circumstances, needs and budget. Sit down with our team and we’ll find the right offer for you.
  • Ford servicing: Our extensive OMC service provides access to the industry's most experienced auto-mechanics. Maintain your car to maximise its longevity and resale value. Ask about our tailored deals to help spread the cost over a series of months rather than paying one lump sum.
  • Home delivery: We can deliver your chosen vehicle to your home address (terms and conditions apply).

Trust OMC Approved Used Ford Dealers

Customers choose OMC Ford dealers for many reasons. In fact, it is not unusual for us to look after three generations in one family!

  • National award-winning Ford dealers.
  • Fourth-generation, family-owned business. We’ve built trust among British car buyers for more than a century.
  • Not part of a massive conglomeration that ultimately sees you as a number and pound sign.
  • Our range of used Ford vehicles is second to none for quality and value.
  • Offer all types of vehicles - from zippy Ford Focus-approved used cars to vans and pick-up trucks.
  • Outstanding customer reviews - 4.9 star Google average.
  • Our Ford servicing and finance deals are some of the best on the market.
  • Auto Trader Highly Rated award-winning dealer.

FAQs About Second-hand Ford Cars

Where can I buy a reliable used Ford car?

You can trust OMC used Ford car dealers to provide you with a reliable, fully approved vehicle. Our range of used Ford vehicles includes cars, vans and transit vehicles. We also offer attractive, highly competitive finance and service deals.

Do Ford dealerships buy used cars?

OMC customers can offset the purchase price of a used Ford car by selling us their existing Ford. You can easily run a vehicle value check on our site to get an estimate.

Is Ford Focus a good used car?

It is if you purchase it from OMC! We run all the checks and balances to ensure you purchase a reliable, quality used vehicle. The Ford Focus is fuel-efficient, affordable and offers many safety features; it’s a terrifically valued small car.