It’s important to look after your vehicle all-year round, especially in the Winter months. Ensure your Ford vehicle is working at its best with our comprehensive Ford Winter Check.

For only £40, our Ford Winter Check includes:

  • A Ford Video Health Check, a 30-point vehicle check so you can see exactly what your Ford-trained technician sees.
  • Essential Fluids check and top-up, this includes anti-freeze. This stops the water in your engine's cooling system from freezing during the winter months.
  • Battery check - to ensure your vehicle battery is in good condition as we enter the colder months.
  • Tyre Safety Check - included as part of your Ford Video Check to your tread depth is above the legal limit, and ensure there are no lumps, bumps or cuts.

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Winter is here with dark evenings and cold weather. It is a good idea to ensure that your car is prepared for travelling in winter by packing some essentials just in case of a breakdown on travel disruption.

Read our handy winter driving tips.

Winter Driving Tips