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Welcome to OMC, your trusted, award-winning car dealer in Rochdale. 

We’re a fourth-generation family-run business that has serviced the wider Rochdale community for decades. Passionate about the Ford and Kia vehicle industry, we combine traditional values with a forward-thinking business operation. Looking after our customers with premium quality vehicles and impeccable service is paramount. So if you’re after a great deal on your next car or van, you’ll find it at OMC Rochdale. 

We’re in other close-by areas across Greater Manchester, too, so it’s easy to find us at: 

Ford OMC Rochdale   

Ford is synonymous with freedom. This is the automotive brand that revolutionised the way we move and helped make it easier to get out there and achieve our dreams. Our OMC Rochdale car dealers are motivated every day to help Britons realise this vision. Whatever you’re aiming for, we’ve got the vehicle to help take you there. 

OMC Ford Rochdale used cars & vans 

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure our Ford used cars maintain best standards and official accreditation. Enjoy complete peace of mind that the best quality used Ford Rochdale cars are here at OMC.

OMC Ford Rochdale new cars & vans  

Is there anything better than the smell of a new car? Yes - it’s the smell of a new Ford car from Rochdale! We have a huge choice of the latest-release Ford vehicles across all types and models. Find the cream of the Ford crop here. 

OMC Kia Rochdale

If you’re looking for a vehicle backed by an impressive 100,000-mile or seven-year warranty, look no further than Kia. A leader in affordable vehicle innovation, Kia has developed an envious reputation across its 70-year history.

OMC Kia Rochdale used cars & vans

You can rely on our Rochdale used car dealers to quickly understand your needs, budget and style and recommend the perfect Kia approved used cars. Our team will help you refine your search in no time - the ultimate high-quality, second-hand vehicle is here waiting for you.

OMC Kia Rochdale new cars and vans

New Kia cars spend little time on the showroom floor. It’s no surprise; great-value deals go hand in hand with this brand. Petrol, diesel, or electric in any model and style - a terrific range of options awaits you here.

Ford & Kia Rochdale services

We’re motivated to build a relationship with you and keep you satisfied with OMC years after you drive out of our Rochdale showroom. How do we do that?

A big part of our overwhelmingly positive client feedback is thanks to our extensive after-sale Ford service plans and Kia service plans. Along with accident and repairs, accessories and drive-now-pay-later schemes, we tailor our best-value packages to care for your car and your wallet. Outstanding customer service and an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable mechanics team mean you’ll get the most out of your vehicle for years to come. We’re here to look after you for the long term.

Car finance Rochdale  

The world has changed. No longer do we need all the funds immediately to purchase anything in life. From a house to an item of clothing online, financing makes it easier to have what you need now and pay for it progressively. 

Our Ford lease deals and Kia car finance options do exactly that. We get you on the road in the car of your dreams today and tailor realistic finance to make it happen. 

OMC Rochdale Motability scheme 

Cars facilitate freedom, something we greatly value and want to help others achieve. Our Ford Motability and Kia Motability plans deliver a terrific variety of cars that offer comfort, space and security without compromising performance and style. 

Kia & Ford valuation Rochdale  

Need to determine the value of your vehicle fast? Easy - get a figure online via our Ford car market value check and Kia car value services. 

Ford & Kia Rochdale contact

Whether you’re in the market for a new or old vehicle, something powered by fuel or electricity, a drive-away-now-pay-later deal or you need a service, our team is here to help.

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Mondays - Fridays 9 pm - 6 pm

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